Sunday, January 18, 2009

4 Essentials - Sell Your Product Online Today

Whether your product is a book, an electronic product, clothes, a line of hand made Christmas Decorations, or anything else, there are four essential things you have to do in order to successfully sell them online.


Whether you pay a hosting service to set up a fully functioning website with all the extras you need to receive payment, or set up a free blog, or have an ebay shop front, you need a store front on the web.


A lot of the hosting services you find nowadays will offer shopping carts for you to use on your website. If you are just starting off, however, I suggest you use a paypal account for receiving payments for material goods, and a clickbank account for receiving payment for digital products. These methods are safe, secure and provide you with an added security net against fraud. They are also very well known by online shoppers and trusted by people worldwide.


Make sure you include or add the cost of delivery in your product description or checkout process. If your product is electronic, then set up an automated system whereby the customer will be taken to the product website or emailed the product as soon as their payment is processed. For material products you must have good packaging, have calculated the delivery charge or postage beforehand and a quick response time between receiving payment and sending your product.


It is no understatement to say that people do not return to vendors with bad customer relations. It is also fair to say that most happy customers will return over and over again for may years to come. Make sure you provide top customer service and support by making your contact information readily available and respond to emails and phone calls immediately. Always make sure you treat people with respect, even if they don't return the favor. With these four steps in place, you have the foundation of an extremely successful online business.

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