Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How to Launch a Product? - The Right Way

Launching a product with the right move can earn you a lot of money. If you want to launch a product, you must be really know how to get traffic when you first launch it.

Here is a tip for you to carry out your product launch campaign.

Do not provide free trials if you have no intention of building leads. Free trials was working in the early days but now, there's a high chance that you will attract more free seekers than serious marketers who doesn't want to make a successful business of themselves. I'm sure you do not want to have others to waste your time either by taking up valuable resources just because it's free.

Furthermore, if you are running a membership site with an affiliate program built-in, it could cause unnecessary space shortage in your database. This is because with the existent of guaranteed signup sites around, one of your affiliate who happens to be freebie seekers would just get signups from these sites. Not only that these people are wasting their time to get signups, which wasn't much of help to them, but they are also getting you a lot of untargeted people who had no idea what they are subscribing to. Thus, your affiliate or even you are not making any money from these people and this will result the launch of your product a full waste of your time

It may sound discouraging, however, if you really want to provide free trials before your launch a product, then it advisable that you to charge a small amount of price for a short trial. It can cost a dollar or two for the first week simply to sort those people out that are coming to you just because they can, and those that are coming to you because they're serious.

In conclusion, launching products can be very profitable if you know how to do it right. However, if you are unfortunate or do not know how to launch it, it could result to a big loss to you or your business. When launching a product, make sure you have a specified date and time so that your customers will know when to come back to get the offer. Most importantly, make sure that you or someone will change the sales page on time. Customers are very keen to get new launch products as soon as possible, so if you do not change the sales page on time, you could have lost over 100-300 sales in just 1 hour.

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Top 3 Tips on How to Launch New Products

Most internet marketers are having problem when comes to launch new product. They do not know how to increase leads and make their product launch explodes. As a result, they did not earn as much as what could have been earned by other professional marketers.

Here are some tips in which all marketers can use in order to earn more sales in their product launch campaign.

1) Have an affiliate program

An affiliate program is one of the best ways to get people to promote your new products for you and as a result, earn more sales. You can find free affiliate program at jrox.com

2) Joint Venture

Joint venture is a way for one or more marketers to cooperate with each other to earn more profit. If you want to launch new products, it is highly recommended that you have a lot of joint venture partners. Choose joint venture partners that have a list of your targeted buyers and not to choose those with a list that has got no interest in your category of product. If you are selling a dog training ebook, you wouldn't want to find a partner who has a big list of movie fanatic.

3) Build your leads at the prelaunch page

To launch a product, it is recommended to build your list at your prelaunch page. This is to notify others who are interested in your product to join your notification when the product launches. In other words, turn your prelaunch page to a subscription page. With the leads in your hand, you can quickly get sales when you launch the product. Make use of auto responders to automatically broadcast your leads when the day comes.

With these 3 tips, you will find yourself earning more profit that by not doing so. Also, just an extra tips, if you want to build your leads at the prelaunch page, you should get a script that can change your prelaunch page to your sales page automatically.

Personally, I use autolaunchend script to change my pages automatically.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

4 Essentials - Sell Your Product Online Today

Whether your product is a book, an electronic product, clothes, a line of hand made Christmas Decorations, or anything else, there are four essential things you have to do in order to successfully sell them online.


Whether you pay a hosting service to set up a fully functioning website with all the extras you need to receive payment, or set up a free blog, or have an ebay shop front, you need a store front on the web.


A lot of the hosting services you find nowadays will offer shopping carts for you to use on your website. If you are just starting off, however, I suggest you use a paypal account for receiving payments for material goods, and a clickbank account for receiving payment for digital products. These methods are safe, secure and provide you with an added security net against fraud. They are also very well known by online shoppers and trusted by people worldwide.


Make sure you include or add the cost of delivery in your product description or checkout process. If your product is electronic, then set up an automated system whereby the customer will be taken to the product website or emailed the product as soon as their payment is processed. For material products you must have good packaging, have calculated the delivery charge or postage beforehand and a quick response time between receiving payment and sending your product.


It is no understatement to say that people do not return to vendors with bad customer relations. It is also fair to say that most happy customers will return over and over again for may years to come. Make sure you provide top customer service and support by making your contact information readily available and respond to emails and phone calls immediately. Always make sure you treat people with respect, even if they don't return the favor. With these four steps in place, you have the foundation of an extremely successful online business.

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5 Highly Efficient and Cost Effective Product Launch Strategies

Product launch plays a significant role in the promotion and sale of a product. New product launch does not have to be highly complicated or exceptionally costly. Here are some simple product launch strategies that you can follow.

Article Submission: Write articles about your product, ensuring that these are informative and interesting. Submit these articles to directories such as EzineArticles, ArticleDashboard or isnare. Make sure that you include a link to the product website or opt-in page for the product website at the bottom of the article. With EzineArticles, this is called the resource box. Authors of newsletters can then pick up your articles and use them, including your link in their newsletters, which may end up going to many 1000's of subscribers, giving you plenty of new traffic. If your article is effective written for search engine optimisation, your article submission can also rank well on search engine results based on the good quality content.

Use Google AdWords: Google AdWords is a very powerful tool for pay per click advertising. This technique involves finding keywords that are most relevant to your business and then setting up ads for these keywords with a link back to your product website. The great thing about this type of launch advertising, is that you are only paying when people click on your advert. While Google AdWords is the most effective and a cheap way to reach out to millions of people, a lot of patience and dedication is needed to succeed at it. Once you have set up a base with Google AdWords, you could include Yahoo Search and MSN in your product launch strategy. These search engines also offer their own pay per click advertising solutions.

Blog Creation: Create a blog using free blogging software like WordPress, Blogger or TypePad. Make sure that your blog has interesting content about your product. Don't underestimate the role of keywords in your blog content, because this can really help this page to rank on the search engines as well as updating your blog regularly with new content. Find other blogs that are relevant to yours and leave comments and make friends, including your website link at the end of your post for people to find out more about you. That way you are attracting traffic to your blog and directly to your website using other people's blogs.

HOT Tip: If you are going to post your website after a comment on another person or company's blog or website, make sure the content you are adding will add value for the website visitors, otherwise it will just be seen as spam and removed by the administrator.

Use Video Syndication: If you have developed videos to support your videos or are able to develop videos using the articles you developed above, you can use these to effectively drive traffic to your product website. On your videos, make sure you have your website address at the bottom of the video and at the end for people to find out more about your product website. By submitting these videos to several video sites using a system called Traffic Geyser, and by targeting the keywords in the video title to match those you are wanting to targeted traffic on, your videos can start to rank on the first page for the keywords you have selected. This is a great underground way for getting 1-2 ranking for videos that will ultimately drive traffic back to your product launch site.

HOT Tip: Once you have been running Google AdWords for about a month, you will be able to pick out the most effective traffic driving keywords from your campaigns and use these in the title of the videos you submit to the various video syndication website on Traffic Geyser. This will give you top ranking for the keywords that are already delivering the most traffic to you and you can reduce the spend on paid search advertising.

Use Affiliates: Get affiliates to advertise your product website. You need to pay them only when you attract traffic or make sales, depending on the agreement you have with them. You would then be giving away some of the profit you would normally make on your sales, however in comparison to the expenses of launching your product through other channels, this may be a very feasible option. Make sure you are not giving away too much of the profit, but at the same time giving people and other businesses enough opportunity to make money promoting and generating sales for you. Imagine, if you have an army of people selling your product around the global, you can get to a stage where you still make very good profits without having to do any of the marketing yourself. If you are selling information products, you can try services like Clickbank or others include Commission Junction.

All these product launch strategies are low risk and effective. However, it is essential to remember that these techniques will take time to draw traffic and be successful. You should plan your product launch strategy with a combination of these approaches and test and measure as you do this. That way you know what you are doing as you launch your product, but also know what is working and what is not.

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Announcing 4 Steps to Increase Your Product Sell

Nowadays, businesses are increasing day by day. There are many people who are willing to stabilize good profitable businesses online. The world of internet has grown a lot and it is expected to grow at an even faster pace in the future. If you are one of the same kind of person and you are willing to run a business successfully then you just need to follow up some basics steps which will help you a lot for increasing your product sell. There are four steps which will help you to increase your product sell. These steps will guide you in the money making process through selling of your product.

Step 1 - If you want to make such kind of product which gives you a high profit from starting day, then you just need to produce a product in which you have a lot of interest. So, you need to survey the market and find out which product has more demand in the market. It is important that you understand your business, your target, your target market as well as your product very well. Thorough knowledge of all these will help you in taking the right decisions for your product sell.

Step 2 - If you want to make a high responsive product then you need to plan accordingly and find out all steps which are responsible for the growth of your product. You are also need to complete your work on time because wasting time is not good for any product development.

Step 3 - If you want to increase your product selling then you should be aware about the product package and that the product you made must be well packaged to go in market.

Step 4 - Fourth and last important step is you should create a system for fast delivery. It means your product should be delivered to the customers within little time.

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