Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Top 3 Tips on How to Launch New Products

Most internet marketers are having problem when comes to launch new product. They do not know how to increase leads and make their product launch explodes. As a result, they did not earn as much as what could have been earned by other professional marketers.

Here are some tips in which all marketers can use in order to earn more sales in their product launch campaign.

1) Have an affiliate program

An affiliate program is one of the best ways to get people to promote your new products for you and as a result, earn more sales. You can find free affiliate program at jrox.com

2) Joint Venture

Joint venture is a way for one or more marketers to cooperate with each other to earn more profit. If you want to launch new products, it is highly recommended that you have a lot of joint venture partners. Choose joint venture partners that have a list of your targeted buyers and not to choose those with a list that has got no interest in your category of product. If you are selling a dog training ebook, you wouldn't want to find a partner who has a big list of movie fanatic.

3) Build your leads at the prelaunch page

To launch a product, it is recommended to build your list at your prelaunch page. This is to notify others who are interested in your product to join your notification when the product launches. In other words, turn your prelaunch page to a subscription page. With the leads in your hand, you can quickly get sales when you launch the product. Make use of auto responders to automatically broadcast your leads when the day comes.

With these 3 tips, you will find yourself earning more profit that by not doing so. Also, just an extra tips, if you want to build your leads at the prelaunch page, you should get a script that can change your prelaunch page to your sales page automatically.

Personally, I use autolaunchend script to change my pages automatically.

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