Friday, January 9, 2009

Why Most of Us Fail Online

Most of us trying to make money from home, have bought at least dozens of how to e-books and e-courses, in the hope that we can use this info-products to make money, but how many of us actually tried these products? Not many, this is due to either being lazy or the products are not good enough, don't get me wrong some products in the market do work.

If you are like me I seem to buy them read them and save them into my hard drive, I can tell you my hard drive is full of how to e-books, I'm not alone here I'm sure most of your hard drive is full of e-books like me.

So why buy this many e-books and not use them assuming they work? I think because we are in a state of confusion, different niches, different products, different people telling you different things, lots of choices don't know which one to try first, what if it doesn't work, you get the idea... That's why most of us fail online.

So what's the solution?

The internet is becoming huge media, you can't just go out and buy any product you think you can make money from, you don't have the time to try every product in the market its impossible.

In my opinion we need to specialize, select a niche that interests you, do your home work by researching its keywords, how many people searching for your niche product, this will help you if there is a market for your niche, obviously there is more to it than that, the point is by specializing you narrow down your options and helps you concentrate and focus on one subject.

To help you decide what niche to chose, take a look at the following niches:

Weight Loss
Party idea for kids
Personal Development
Network Marketing
Identity Theft Protection
Dating / Relationship
Scrap-book / Crafts
Recipes / Cooking
Building / D.I.Y
Home Improvement
Bird Watching

This just to give you an idea of how to chose your niche, you may want to select different niche, and the choice is yours.

To recap you need to decide on the subject or niche to specialise on, and you can use your niche to branch into sub niches, instead of going into different niche, this will help you concentrate and focus on your speciality, this will help you get established as an online expert in your field and gain credibility.

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